A20, A30 & A40 Repair

List of items in one repair kit

  1. Internal joint piece – 0.6 meters (2 feet)
  2. Expoxy glue – Type clear, suitable for fiberglass. Minimum working time 30 mins
  3. Sandpaper – grade #100 – 150
  4. Clean Cloth – Supply by user
  5. Thineer – Supply by user



Step 1: Prepare a inner pole length 30cm. Trim the broken edge to square the pole ends.


Step 2: Roughen surface of PalmPro using sand paper grit #100-#150


Step 3: Apply epoxy (A + B), non- flow type, working time minimum 30 minutes.


Step 4: Insert inner pole at 15cm distance.


Step 5 : Wait until epoxy slightly cure, insert another half of Palmpro.


Step 6 : Make sure joint closely and keep it overnight. You can it use it the next morning.

The jointer pole sizes as below:
  • To join PalmPro 38, use PalmPro 34 X 0.3mL as inner jointer OR use 42 X 0.3mL as outer jointer.


  • To join PalmPro 42, use PalmPro 38 X 0.3mL as inner jointer.