PalmPro TenAsia – PalmPro  Graphite harvesting poles are unique in that they have been custom-built to make life easier for harvesters. Made from incredibly lightweight materials that are nonetheless impressively sturdy, PalmPro ®  poles can cut a harvester’s workload in half, enabling them to become them more productive that ever.


Harvesting fruits from tall palm oil is one of the most common agricultural pursuits, yet it is one that remains a chore for many harvesters to this day. Traditional harvesting poles are notoriously unwieldy and difficult to maneuvers; many poles are not even capable of reaching the heights necessary to collect the best and juiciest fruits without causing strain and potential injury to the harvester.



PalmPro Harvester pole


We manufacture carbon fiber composite tubes with below characteristics:

  1. Production start from pull-winding process, tubes have higher hoop strength than conventional pultrusion process.

  2. Our own propriety lateral reinforcement method that dramatically enhance the tube hoop strength against impact loading.

  3. We use high strength epoxy matrix to maximise the carbon fiber composite strength. Unsaturated Polyester and Vinyl Ester based composites are much weaker than Epoxy based.

  4. We specialized in making very thin pull-winding tube less than 2mm wall thickness at tube diameter 43mm.

  5. Our tubes having tight dimensional control, and telescopic tubes produced are with minimal gap in between poles.

  6.  The final quality control check performed before shipping is primarily to ensure accuracy.

PalmPro Main Features

  1. Super light
  2. Telescopic
  3. Durable and long-lasting
  4. High stiffness
  5. Less slippery
  6. Non-conductive pole
  7. Repairable

PalmPro have 3 sizes

Main Benefits

  1. Solves the current difficulty of using heavier aluminum poles or bamboo
  2. Allow workers to harvest tall oil palms, up to 18m (60ft) easily.
  3. Boosts productivity by 30% and helps to solve the issue of low harvester number
  4. Helps harvesters recover rotten and damaged bunches that went unharvested
  5. Shorten the intervals between harvesting and reduces the quantity of loose fruit
  6. All type of harvesting cutter suitable for PalmPro pole.

PalmPro Delivery Record